A Writer's Room Recording Studio

4 adjoining rooms for isolation, with the capability of offering 5 individual headphone mixes so that each player can dial in the perfect mix. Gear includes an extensive mic collection, boutique preamps and compressors, Alesis HD24 digital recorder, Yamaha 01V96 digital mixer, Soundcraft analog mixer for numerous keyboards and midi sound modules, and a Mac running Digital Performer (pro tools equivalent.) A Yamaha Stage Custom drum kit is available with a full compliment of cymbals and snare drums, and several keyboards can be provided, including a Roland FP2 weighted 88 and a Nord electro 3. 

Legendary songwriter/producer/piano player Duncan Stitt runs the sessions and offers keyboard parts and arranging assistance at no extra charge. With over 30 years of experience writing and producing music, Duncan knows how to get the most out of a song. From demos to masters, maintaining the integrity of the music is the primary goal.

​A Writer’s Room Recording Studio is centrally located near 5th and Alvernon, Tucson AZ.
327-8699, 10AM to Midnight

Our Central Tucson Location Features...

Recording for the Rest of Us

  • That's Awesome2:50
  • 3 Days Without a Cigarette3:11