A Writer's Room Recording Studio

Recording for the Rest of Us

Hear Voices: Here Comes the Band

Natman Schaye: No Noose

Dave Irwin: Demo d'Merrier

Brian Berggoetz Band: Devil's Highway

Philip Grimes: The Street

Bright and Childers: Asylum
Eric Schaffer and the Other Troublemakers: 

​Saguaro Sunset Trio: 

Eb Eberline: Community, Solitude

Nancy McCallion and the Scarlet Lettermen: Dancing Days

Nancy McCallion (with Heather Hardy and Danny Krieger): Opussums and Praties

Ice-9: Magic

Po the Band: Rails

Amy Mendoza: Suicide on the AM Dial

Kiko and the Stone Avenue Band: Almost Gone

Angel Perez: Bad at Being Good

Nancy Cordova: Mi Presente

Black Cat Bones: Blues For Now, Too Far Gone

Fred Knipe: Swimming With Tigers
Don & Victoria Armstrong: Get Me Down the Road

Mindy Ronstadt & the All Bill Band: It's About Time

I Hear Voices (Bobby Kimmel): I Hear Voices, I Hear Voices with Strings

Kevin Pakulis: Shadesville, Mockingbird Radio, Yeah Yeah Yeah,
Amber Norgaard: Long Way Home  
Sabra Faulk: Acoustic Angel
Bryan Dean Trio: Pink Elephant
Heather Hardy: Get Out of the Road
Ron Pandy: Truth and Other Lies
Hillie Bills: In Tarnation
​Sara P. Smith: The Witness
​Grams & Krieger: tracks for compilation CD
Nancy McCallion: Take a Picture of Me
Neil McCallion and the Mighty Maxwells: Oh No, Slippin' Away
Way Out West: Down at the Ol’ Bar None, Saddle Sore Blues
Greg Morton: When Pigs Fly
Jo Wilkinson and Grains of Sand
Pablo Perigrina: Traveling Soles
BK Special: Hope Springs
Sugar Stains: Sweet Revenge
Rowdy Johnson Band: Outlaws Today
Bill Martin: Kangaroos & Marigolds
Bossa Rhythm Project
​Rusty Terry: Teach the Children

Duncan Stitt: Arizona Sky, No Dog Like an Old Dog, Shortcut to the Promised Land

Phatback Diet (Richie Cavanaugh and Duncan): The Chicken or the Egg?

One More Shade of Gray